Everyday Life Activities (ELA)

Everyday life activities are depicted on all of the photo cards in the ELA Photo Series Set 1 to 3 (verb series). In these three verb sets, photos of objects are presented in context, i.e. as an integral part of the activity being portrayed. To complement the verb series, an object series (the ELA Object Series) consisting of the original ELA objects was developed. This series consists of 216 color photo cards of objects which are organized according to semantic categories. Most of the objects are common, useful everyday objects.

What makes the ELA Object Series so unique is that it consists of the original objects that were used in photographing the verbs/activities. The objects belong to various semantic categories allowing for training and therapy of very basic words from different areas of everyday life. Combined use of both series allows for the building up of a comprehensive and relevant vocabulary consisting of nouns and verbs from a variety of semantic categories.
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ELA - EVERYDAY LIFE ACTIVITIES Photo Series - Object Series
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